The Black Keys Behind The Scenes

One of my favorite bands recently is The Black Keys (ironically, I like most bands with the world Black in them). They have really exploded in popularity with the release of their current album Brothers, and the latest video to come from that album is Howlin' For You. In a nutshell, this video is ridiculously badass; I've never seen a music video completely bury the music under a fake trailer before! The Black Keys are pretty good about making BTSVs, and in this one Chris Marrs Piliero explains the concept behind probably his best video to date. There's not a lot of technical talk in this clip but the overall concept and great directing make it worth watching. Pick up at least one Black Keys record if you think about it and check out the final music video in the below.

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I love the black keys and I love how it was shot.
But I really hate music videos with this much dialogue and sound effects over the music.

Patrick Hall's picture

I think that is the whole point they were going for, it's not really even a 'music video' anymore but rather a fake movie trailer. I have never seen a video like this to the degree where the movie element continues throughout the entire song.

I like Black Keys too but this does seem more like a director fresh out of film school, who watched way too much Tarantino/Rodriguez, high jacked the Black Keys and used "making a video" to get a his reel produced... just saying.

Jayge Dreier's picture

I thought this was great concept. I'd like to see more videos like this.

Kasper Fladmose's picture

They're drinking Tuborg! Danish beer ftw!

"the video you have requested is not available".

IPad only problem?

Ya, same on my iPhone and iPad...

Patrick Hall's picture

WTF apple...looks great on a PC :)

This is really cool! something like Machete with a small version of Rodriguez :))