BTS: Air New Zealand's Hobbit Inspired Safety Video

Air New Zealand has been known for their original, themed and very well made safety videos. Just recently they released their newest safety video featuring a plane full of Tolkien fans called, 'An Unexpected Briefing'. Air New Zealand partnered up with the people over at Weta Workshop to create the amusing safety briefing. The video made in anticipation of 'The Hobbit' features a few actors from the movie, real Tolkien fans, J.R.R. Tolkien's great-grandsons, actual working Air New Zealand employees and even has a cameo from the man, Peter Jackson, himself.

Filmed with an ARRI Alexa they spared no expense. With this kind of video I don't see anyone ignoring the pre-flight safety briefing.

"I thought the best way to sell this new safety video would be through the eyes of the fans, and so what we've tried to do is put a comic-con on the plane really and have all our passengers as avid fans of Tolkien dressed as their favorite characters." - Ben Hawker (Weta workshop special effects)

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Thought the "unexpected briefing" was very funny. I'd probably pay much more attention during take off if this video was played. 

Best flight safety video ever

AirNZ always has great safety vids.. makes me wish I flew around more.