BTS Shoot with Olympic Paradressage Rider

Benjamin Von Wong walks us through a shoot he does with Olympic paradressage rider Natasha Baker.
As always Ben goes into great detail about the shoot's subject, preparation, setup and the execution and even more detail in his blog.

via [BenjaminVonWong]

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Ben Von Wong = my hero.

Von Wong's picture

lol! thanks mate :) 

Ben is definitely a great new upcoming photographer/teacher... His energy shows through his work. Plus he's from Montreal! 

I'm sure you could have thought us some of your great light tricks this last weekend at McNally's seminar Ben! ;)

Von Wong's picture

haha thanks Dave. All I got to show off there was my jumping skills. Too bad :( !! 

I still think I have a lot to learn but I'm constantly trying to improve :) 

Excellent work! The image of her in the fog is top notch!  

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

Awesome Ben!!!  Really nice to see you explain things at the end.... Wish more people produced vids like you....

Ben is awesome and a really nice guy :) I've only exchanged a few messages on facebook with him, but he's a good guy :) Love his work and creativity! :)