Missing Game of Thrones? Watch This Amazing Fan Film

Game of Thrones has got to be my favorite series on television right now. Its rich storytelling, amazing character development and stunning cinematography has entranced millions of viewers around the world. Season 4 doesn't premiere until spring of next year, but instead of just catching up with George R.R. Martin's books take a look at this awesome fan-made film centering around Ned Stark's younger brother Benjen who goes missing after the first book.




If you recognize the incredible detail and flair of the film that's because it was a collaboration with several talented individuals including Benjamin Von Wong. It seems Ben is expanding his talents even more by delving into filmmaking. The film and accompanying photoshoot was shot over two days and nights in the freezing location of Le Duché de Bicolline (Canada).




The video was shot during the day and the photos were shot during the nighttime hours presenting its own set of challenges. Head on over to Benjamin's blog to learn how he used the snow as a large softbox to help light the actors for the promotional photographs. If you want to see more of this series please comment and share the video and photographs. Check out the full behind the scenes video below. I'm really hoping to see this series take off to help quench my insatiable need for all things from Westeros.







The film was created in collaboration with:
Les Ateliers Nemesis: http://www.ateliers-nemesis.com/?language=en
Duche de Biccoline: http://www.bicolline.org/
Dracolite: http://www.dracolite.com/

Also in collaboration with Fantasy Armour, Atelier de l'Arbre Mecanique, Kamel Bushnaq Music, Andrew Kesler, Black Box Productions. To see the full credits click on Benjamin's blog.

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Von Wong's picture

AWESOME thanks for the post :D



yes! nicely done

Andrew Williams's picture

that was really good. Well done. I would love to see more and what you can do with a bigger budget.