Behind The Scenes Shoot In Italy With Simeon Quarrie

As one of the writers here at Fstoppers I do quite a bit of scouring the internet trying to find the best 'behind the scenes' videos to share with our readers. Sadly much of what I see lacks content, rather it is most commonly just a music video of a photographer on a shoot. Fortunately, this video by Simeon Quarrie documenting his shoot in Italy is quite the opposite. Packed with great information and lots of tips this video is worth checking out. Read on to see a lighting diagram and some of the photos from the shoot.

Since discovering Simeon Quarrie's work about a year ago he has become one of my favorite photographers. His processing is clean, his compositions solid, his lighting spectacular and to see it all pulled together in this video is quite the treat.

I am always impressed at the amount of time, planning and previsualization Simeon puts into each shoot. Fortunately, the guy is also a class act and is happy to share a behind the scenes video of everything that goes into his shoots including tips on reading light, posing, scouting locations, and other additional tricks that are useful when shooting on location. I also applaud Simeon's efforts in not just capturing footage from behind the scenes of his shoot but for taking the time to explain what he is seeing, what he is trying to capture and how he is going about doing it. Not only is it a great video for photographers to learn some great advise, but also for the seasoned veterans to see an example of a very well done behind the scenes video.

Check out more of Simeon's work on his website and facebook page. Also be sure to share, like and comment below to show him some appreciation so we can get more of these great videos from Simeon in the future. Thanks!








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Jessica Eileen Drogosz's picture

this video is well done what a great way of sharing - this morning i was thinking about this very thing - so this was so to share information to a wider audience especially to visual learners like myself! thanks for sharing Trevor Dayley i just love sorrento and it was so fun to see the excelsior vittoria a hotel i stayed at for awhile right behind him! wonderful work simeon - you seem like some one i would like to know! :)

Simeon Quarrie's picture

:) Thank you! Really kind

Natalie Wiseman Wheeler's picture

Gorgeous and informative video! And of course the pictures are absolutely stunning. It's wonderful to see such talent and a great personality to match.

robsydor's picture

Love Simeons work !!

Marcus's picture

One of the best BTS videos here in a long time. Really liked it!

Zach Sutton's picture

Simeon is just downright likeable.

Simeon Quarrie's picture

blush with a girly giggle. thanks


Timothy Jace's picture

the last picture is nice..

Pixyst's picture

This is awesome! I have come to expect no less from Simeon and Vivida. Two questions, was a neutral density filter used at any point during the session? ... Did you notice that at the end of the video during the wrap-up with the couple in the background, they were having some fantastic moments/poses? This happens a lot on model shoots, while the model is looking at the images on the back of the camera, she is creating some awesome poses, but then you don't have the camera...

Simeon Quarrie's picture

cheers! yep, it is always the way. though, its often where some of my ideas come from. step back and watch.

Trevor Beaty's picture

All of the images are really nice, but the eden set blew my mind.

Jeff Mulongo's picture

Wow !!!!

Lunga Shezi's picture

Great work, quite a lay back shoot!

Simeon Quarrie's picture

seen these messages. i really appreciate the positivity! thank you!

Jonathan W A Cowper's picture

Great Job, quite inspiring work.

Wow, very insightful tips on lighting with the sun..just small details of reflections and how an interesting angle of the sun can make the photo stand out. Great BTS!

Steve's picture

Fantastic work, you created some absolutely stunning images!

And by the way, this was one of the best bts vids I've ever seen. You seem to be such a nice person, making everyone on set feel good.

Just wondering, am I the only one who would've been constantly worrying about dropping the 5D into the ocean? ;-)

Simeon Quarrie's picture

thanks Steve :) I was worried about my camera. Worried about the lights! Worried about my one leg bigger than the other chicken legs being on show! lol

Jonathan Yearsley's picture

Class work as ever Simeon. Sorrento and your couple all look fabulous. Thanks very much for sharing.

Simeon Quarrie's picture

Great couple and great location. I really enjoyed the experience and I am please I got to share it

ryan180becker's picture

I have always loved Simeon's BTS videos. His images are absolutely stunning! This one solidified him as my favorite portrait photographer. I have never seen in image from him I didn't love.

facebook-561872772's picture

Love that last shot on the bottom taken from above!

Daniel Troutman's picture

I like to give a huge thank you to Simeon Quarrie for that well needed dose of inspiration.

Kaari Ivanov's picture

What is the name of the device used to look at the LCD in the bright sun? Thank you!

Anton's picture

Looks like the LCDVF.

Herbie Hysteria's picture

Simeon Quarrie is an innovator in photography, his passion shines through in the intricacy of his work, sharing tips and knowledge is a great characteristic too, as it shows that he respects his status as an authority in his field. Great stuff.