[BTS Video] Jelly Bean Music Video Takes Over A Year To Produce

It seems every week someone is producing a piece of art that pushes the limits of both technology and also creativity. One trend has been to create commercials and videos completely in camera with minimal post processing. The new music video for Kina Grannis completely blows my mind! Director Greg Jardin worked with Kina to produce a music video that features "jellybean art" in a stop motion sort of way. The video is not only incredibly entertaining but by creating such an interesting video, Kina has found a way to spread her talent to a much larger audience (almost 2 million people at the moment). Even if you may never create something that requires this much work, as a creative professional you should always be thinking of a clever way to share your work to a larger audience. Check out the full video below and then watch the second video to see how they made everything come to life.

Kina Grannis "Jelly Bean Video" In Your Arms

Behind The Scenes Video

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Absolutely incredible! What a beautiful work of art.

Pepe's picture

Too bad the song is utter crap ... and
not as fresh as it may look at first though ...

Shynola made the video for 'Strawberry
swing' .. only that the song is actually
audible ...


I don't think anyone was claiming they invented stop-motion, pepe.

And music is personal preference, you have to at least admire the work that went into it.

Haters gon' hate...

Incredible video, a masterpiece. 

Well... I liked the song, and the kick ass amount of time and effort that was put into it!

Solid! Love the song and the video.

Great Video

Tim's picture

Awesome, the first thing i thought is why did she just release the vid because i have had her album for almost 2 years but now i see.

I bet none of them ever wants to see a jelly bean again! 

whoever pepe is...your an idiot. that video was pretty cool and i'm not one to leave comments but the clarity and creativity was incredible and consistent throughout the entire video.

bret's picture

Been a fan of hers for awhile. The song is not crap its just not your speed. She is a talented singer songwriter and the team behind the video deserves major props here. 

video of the year!!!!