[BTSV] Drew Gardner Shoots "The Zebra"

I feel like a lot of us would be hesitant to bring an unruly dog to a photoshoot, but London based photographer Drew Gardner has really pushed the envelop with his latest image “The Zebra”, which involves, you guessed it, a zebra! In the video Drew gives us some insight into the planning of the shot, as well as some great footage of the shoot.

How many of you would be willing to bring a wild animal on set? Would you trust it near your model?

Check out the original blog post HERE for some more information on how these beautiful images were made.




From Nick:

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Sean Shimmel's picture

He makes the hard pre-planning into an ethereal world.. 

But... for the ultimate disconnect between music, scene and action look 4:55 into the video  :)

Joop van Roy's picture

Good fun, this guy :-)
Love the running shot, the other ones not so much. I guess i'll never understand the appeal of infrared photos...