BTSV Polar Bear Photography with Florian Schulz

Watch as photographer Florian Schulz takes the shots for the "To The Arctic 3D" movie companion book. The best part of this video is seeing the exhalation and excitement of Florian when he realizes that he got "the shot", that would later be used as the cover. Don't you just love that feeling?

by One World One Ocean:
Wildlife photographer Florian Schulz goes to great lengths to capture the stunning photos seen in the companion book for our film, To The Arctic 3D for more info on the movie, more photos from the book, and facts about why the Arctic Ocean and its inhabitants are worth protecting.
Watch what it took to capture the amazing image we used for the cover of our To The Arctic companion book!
For more information on Arctic wildlife, see the new IMAX® film "To The Arctic 3D" opening in select IMAX Theatres starting April 20, 2012. "To The Arctic 3D" is a MacGillivray Freeman Film from Warner Bros. Pictures and IMAX Corporation. Presented by One World One Ocean Foundation.

via [ISO1200]

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What a great image. So much time, energy and effort from a few people went into creating this one great picture. 

Awesome shot and it is great to see how excited they got and rightly so.

Casey's picture

Could any one tell which nikon was placed inside the box?

You're focusing on detail here! ;)

It's so beautiful to see him happy like that after thinking it didn't fire! wow!

Pasha Kyrychenko's picture

"Didn't take any picture" - Fraud

That "one" picture is AMAZING!