Building The Animatronic Dinosaurs For Jurassic Park

Building The Animatronic Dinosaurs For Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is my favorite movie of all time. The story line itself is captivating but the incredible special effects are what really set this film apart. The movie was released 20 years ago in 1993 and the CGI and robotic dinosaurs still look more realistic than the majority of special effects in movies today.  Stan Winston has just released 3, never before seen videos of the creation of the robotic dinosaurs from the original Jurassic Park.

Stan Winston is arguably the most famous man in the special effects world. If you haven't heard the name, there is no doubt you have seen his work in some of the most successful movies of all time including Terminator, Jurassic Park, Aliens, Iron Man, and Avatar. Jurassic Park was the first movie to fully incorporate full sized puppets and robots along side with full digital effects. After Jurassic Park, the industry took a drastic turn towards almost total digital effects.

Stan Winston died in 2008 while he was working on Terminator Salvation and he had planned to begin working on the currently unreleased Jurassic Park IV.

Building the Raptor

Building the Dilophosaurus (Spitter)

Building the T-Rex

T-Rex rehearsal on set

If watching Stan's team in action has gotten you all excited about the movie, you may be interested in the official "Making of Jurassic Park" video. The video is 50 minutes long but it's well worth watching. It's absolutely incredible to see how the dinosaurs in the movie went from being stop motion animation to some of the best computer graphics the industry has seen.

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It is a fantastic film!
And those models are absolutely amazing!
Shame they had to spoil it with all the crappy sequels :-(

agreed. I hope the 4th won't be a joke as well.

Honestly, I was actually a fan of the sequals as well. I think one of the biggest challenges filmmakers face is expectation. When a film like this first comes out that completely captures the imagination and brings the audience to someplace they have never really been before the audience puts that film up on a pedestal that is impossible to match again.

If I look back at comparing the three films they all have similar stories (with many goofy undertones) with fun, developed characters, and while, shallow, well paced plots. The only difference is that 2 and 3 simply don't have the "wow" factor that the first one did when you watched it for the first time.

This has happened countless times over the years with films and sequals end up getting bad reputations that are ill-deserved, for example: Pirates of the Caribbean, Alien, The Matrix, Star Wars ep 1-3, etc. I fully expect this exact same thing to happen when the sequel to Avatar finds its way to theatres.

But as a whole, the Juarassic Park trilogy was a very entertaining and impressive feat that made a powerful mark in cinematic history. I can't wait for #4. I just hope that they figure out a way to take the franchise in an interesting new direction.

wow thanks for sharing, growing up with this film and seeing these artists create these absolutely incredible Dinosaurs is a hit to the heart and memories.

I wish that most movies would still go this route, granted this is/was such a huge production, and more of a craft than many movies today, but still! Even the best CGI is not really that impressive compared to this, and this is how old now?? I wish movies would still go down this route, with advances in the techniques, we could really get some great models, robots and effects without creating them all in a computer...

Sometime in the '90's we went to San Diego Zoos' Wild Animal Park and walked thru an amazing exhibit of huge 'life sized' anamatronic dinosaurs set in their outdoor environment. It was truly thrilling. I always wondered if any of them had been featured in the movie. With their precise construction they certainly could have been.

This is such a great use of my time today. I absolutely love this kind of stuff

i am really sorry for your bad taste if you think JP is a good movie.....

Great videos, such artistry!
A BTS video with no fancy editing set to a dubstep track. Kinda nice for a change.

in the 50 min making of JP video at the 9:29 mark -- Its guitarist from Tool. No shit. :)

Yeah, Adam Jones worked on Jurassic Park as well as Terminator right before TOOL's career started to take off... Which is why, TOOL videos are hands down the best!!!

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