Casey Neistat's Studio Is Incredibly Well-Designed For Function

If you don't know Casey Neistat's name, you probably know at least one of his viral videos (like this). Gizmodo just did a great multi-part video series showcasing Casey's nearly OCD attention to detail that he used when creating his New York City studio and workspace. You have to admit, it's quite admirable the way he meticulously designed his workspaces for maximum functionality. As I am moving my photo and video business to New York City myself, I hope to take a few notes. Click to see the full post with video part 2 below.

How would you design your perfect New York City Studio?

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Jimmy Thigpen's picture

so organizred... so awesome.

Andrew Griswold's picture

This dude is CRAZY...awesome! Been following his work for a very long time and its incredible to watch this man behind the camera and analyze his process. His studio is one of a kind and really shows you how to best use the space you are given to maximize functionality. Thanks for the post Douglas, love seeing this mans process!!

Douglas Sonders's picture

you got it!

Bruno Inácio's picture

OMG!! :O

James Reppart's picture

I want to grow up to be this guy. I only thought i had OSD

CurrentCo's picture nerdily, incredibly AWESOME!

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Nathaniel Dodson's picture

Wow, this is pretty darned sweet!

Elmer Escobar's picture

This is inspiring. His organization skills are amazing.