Cinevate Does Some Drifting

I'm starting to realize how many of our readers enjoy the mix of sports cars, photography, and behind the scenes so this one is for you. I'm really not sure what is going on here but what happens at the very end is pretty remarkable! I wish the audio was a little cleaner but I'm sure if you are into drifting fast cars you probably can't hear anyways! And when you get done watching this, check out the awesome DSLR video gear over at

Canon 5D MK 2 Drift Car Commercial with BTS from Cinevate on Vimeo.

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As you point out, Hard to hear much after a good close shooting day at drifting over the ringing. And the eyes hurt from Ethanol/Smoke from tires.

Not good on the gear im sure, CMOS dustspots don't want to go away.

That's pretty standard audio for a drift video. As far as gear goes as long as you remember yo get you body face down during changes you're all good. but yea you do get a lot of ringing the day after drift events.

What color correction did they use. I love that look.