Coppertone Commercial Shot Almost Exclusively With DSLR's

Besides getting a great glimpse into the filming of a well put together sunscreen commercial, Gary Lankford offers some great perspective on the usefulness of DSLR's as opposed to using some of the bigger and more expensive rigs that might be out there. The versatility of having several cameras and being able to take them anywhere can outweigh some of the higher quality option cameras.  Check out the final commercial below.

Coppertone Sport from Lankford Films on Vimeo.

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does a c300 count as a dslr?

Not technically, not having a mirror and optical viewfinder. But these days old definitions are crossed and crushed all the time.

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 They use 7D too, it is DSLR :p

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Please tell me, what was that music?

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pretty lights - finally moving

The first song is You Wish by Nightmares on Wax, they just use the same sample: Private Number by Judy Clay and William Bell. _cq is right, second one is First Snow by Emancipator. Best music in a BTS ever.

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2nd one was emancipator "First Snow"

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C300 is now a DSLR?

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Interestingly as well, none of those cameras are tricked out with tons of redrock micro stuff - just a tripod and a stock lens shade,

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Amazing how much goes into making a 30 second commercial.

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anybody have a link to the commerial? havent seen it up here in Canada

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duh read first type later

Loved the sled shots!