C.U.N.T.'s Video: Posing for a Photo That's Actually a Video

To promote C.U.N.T. (aka C U Next Tuesday) Sarah Elizabeth Meyler videos Dublin hipsters under the premise that she was taking a photo. The resulting montage of poses is a good chuckle for all of you who have had a long work week followed by a short weekend of more work. Enjoy.

via [FeatureShoot]

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Is this a copy of this?


.. or the other way...
Either way.. It's way too awkward to watch...

“I don't care what you think unless it is about me.”

― Kurt Cobain

Boring topic. It was funny in 2009 when the first video-DSLRs came out. But now this is incredibly uninteresting.

Really? Is FStoppers being run by 15 year olds writing headlines like this? Pathetic.


Then head over to Chase Jarvis and quit wasting your time.

Fstoppers is now such a sad site, you're actually posting things that started YEARS ago.

Next up, "COLOR FILM rumoured coming soon!".

Every time someone hands me their phone and asks for a picture I shoot videos of them. Glad to see I'm not the only one who does it!

Someone finally found a use for Nikon 1's motion snapshot.

I'm not getting that 1:49 back that's for sure..