DC Creates An Epic Skateboard Commercial

Skateboard and snowboard companies have really been pushing their advertising budgets to the limits over the past decade. In the video below we can see exactly what goes into creating amazing 10 second clips of individual skateboard tricks in super slo mo. The concept is simple but actually making it happen is another story.

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John Schell's picture

Great video! Growing up a skater on the east coast in the 80's we were amazed when something even resembling a board was shown on television so to finally be able to see an entire campaign come together in a public forum is really great..

Also, the reason these guys are able to stretch their ad budget to the limit is that DC is owned by Quiksilver which is a publicly traded company with revenue in the billions. So, it's really not much of a budget stretch. Still, it's pretty cool to see.

Is that a frickin airplane puller!?!?! actually pretty good BTS, I mean not technical, but it showed the rig move and then the clip it shot right after.

That type of set design is a huge undertaking. DC has been making great ads for some time.