DC's Air.Craft Is This Week's Beautiful Example Of High Budget, High Octane Cinematography

DC Shoes collaborated with FMXer Robbie Maddison to create this beautiful short of Maddison at an aircraft graveyard which has been converted into a playground for the moderately insane. The film is chock-full of amazing cinematography, created with a number of big-budget cameras, and the color grading is just sublime. DC has confirmed a BTS of this in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for that, and be sure to keep watching during the credits for a sneak peek at the creation of the film.

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Um... Yeah! Expensive mistake

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I'm surprised there's not some kind of stop to prevent it from going that low.

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On that uneven terrain, i'm not sure if the only thing effective is the operator..

Sensors would be going nuts over every bumps in the road (me thinks..)

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Ever since Shilo did the UA ads 3 years ago, I have been following their work.  Great stuff.

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what was this shot with?

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 it was shot mostly with epics and scarlets, although they also used 5d and even gopro for some shots too.  the camera car had an alexa on it with an optimo lens, so i'm sure someone was upset when that crashed.. ouch

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DC just shat on Redbull...

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9:44 = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$