Documenting the Resurgence of Africa - 'The New African Photography' on Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera English just premiered the first episode of their new show, "The New African Photography." Following a time of great turmoil for Africa, the show centers on the changing image of the continent as told through the eyes of photographers. The goal is to ultimately replace the images of famine and war that often come to mind and with images that redefine what Africa is becoming today.

Episode two airs April 29th, and there will be a new episode every week.

The first episode, "Invisible Boarders," centers around an annual photographic project that takes African artists on a road trip across the continent, following two photographers from Nigeria though Cameroon and Gabon.

Future episodes will feature a fashion photographer, the first woman recipient of the CNN African Journalist Award for photography and an Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker, among others.





Watch the entire first episode here:

Via IndieWire

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Lorenzo P's picture

Great quote "Don't photography what you see, Photography what you feel"

umpfggf's picture

oh nice club killers in fancy clothes..... Massaker style

dan speicher's picture

beautiful images. I spent 3 months in Cameroon 2 years ago, and this makes me miss it