FAKE! Eagle Lifting a Baby Is a CGI Stunt

FAKE! Eagle Lifting a Baby Is a CGI Stunt

Earlier today we posted this video of an Eagle lifting a baby in the park, and it started a massive debate whether its real or not. Now we have the answer: its FAKE. Check out this BTS video showing how 4 animation students from Montreal created this viral video. Did you get it right?

BTS video showing how this video was made

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I noticed the fakery at first sight... but like I said, definitely a REALLY GOOD one... Clap Clap Clap
There's a great future for these guys

Local Montreal news interviewed the creators.


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They did it for their 3D animation class. The teacher wanted them to make an animation that has some viral values on it. If the students had more than 100,000 views on Youtube, they will get 100%.

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Over 10 million views and counting in one day, I think they did well

I wonder who could even think it wasn't fake... 

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I love how everyone is now saying "oh yes ,I knew it was fake all along..." You know what I say tot that? Bull shit. I worked for years as a visual effects artist and it had me fooled good and proper. There is no shame in being dooped by this clip it's very well done. So stop trying to be such a pretentious twat and enjoy the fact you where had.

Just because you couldnt spot it, that doesnt mean that others couldnt do it...so I think the only pretentious twat here is you, because if you check the other page when Fstoppers asked our opinion, theres a lot of guys here who said its fake much before those guys admiting that, and many of them giving very details and good arguments on why they thought it was fake...

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liar... ur mad because you were fooled at first too

Damn, they had me fooled. If i was their lecturer i'd give them an A+

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Well Hollywood should hire them.  The CGI in this 100% better than anything in movies today

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first tiem I sawe the 405 movie I was fooled as well. But I was younger then


Serious birdwatchers would not have been fooled. The moment the bird flaps its wings for the first time it is crystal clear its a fake (for birdwatchers at least). And that's heads on the biggest problem I have with CGI birds in films, they just can't seem to get it right. That not being meant to discredit CGI experts per se but more to show how difficult it truly is to get it right. I addition to many other things it is an example of what ruined the Hobbit for me. 
But kudos to the makers of this. Keep trying and one day perhaps people will get it right.