Final National Geographic Phantom Footage of Slow Motion Cheetah

A few weeks ago I posted an interesting behind the scenes video of cheetahs running at full speed while being filmed with the 1200 fps Phantom camera. The camera setup is pretty crazy if you haven't watched the BTS video already. Here is the final slow motion footage of five different cheetahs running along side the dollied camera. If you skip to the 5:40 mark, you can see even more behind the scenes footage from the shoot.

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shivers down my spine.......


Amazing animal.


Just look at how stable his head is, it hardly moves at all Amazing!

Stunning ! This video made me stand up go to the kitchen and tell my girlfriend to stop that racket.

I've been looking forward to this footage since seeing the teaser several weeks ago. I was not disappointed. Amazing!

more of the final footage at vimeo