'Fix It In Post', Hilarious New Short Film by Autodesk

Here's a little cinematography humor to brighten up your lazy Sunday. From the people over at Autodesk and filmmaker Jeremy Hunt comes a coming of age story of a dude. A dude who just wants to go about his business and a visual effects editor who ruins said dude's day. We all know the importance of 'getting it right in camera', but this is what happens when post-processing runs amok.

Used to showcase Autodesk's Smoke for the Mac the short film was primarily shot with the Red Epic with Panavision Primo lenses and has occasional scenes shot with the Canon 5DMII, Nikon D800 and one shot using a GoPro Hero 3. So, sit back, grab a mini-bag of popcorn and let go of the 'get it right in camera' attitude and enjoy.

get in it camera!!!


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This is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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Awesome ..and inspiring :-)


My Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD3VRoOuBdk

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 That was cool, somewhat dragged out, no real plot, but a decent tech showcase.

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Hahaha, that was great. Did have some weird color grading between a few scenes, but whatever.

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That was excellent!

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Does the moped have Warp Drive?

Derek Red Walker's picture

i really enjoyed it 

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Sure, I laughed my ass off. Not everyone has the same sense of humor as me, I suppose. 

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Genius! I thought it was hilarious too...

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that was cool. good post