Freddie Wong Sky Dives Out Of His House

I was just introduced to Freddie's youtube channel and I am blown away. Freddie and his friends keep creating fantastic videos with some impressive homemade CGI and then they explain how they did it. Watch this BTS below and the finished product in the full post.

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Levy Moroshan's picture

Cool stuff! Just goes to show what a little video editing can do. I shoot BTS for movies and am always amazed at what the viewer sees and how its actually made.

Man that was cool!

Freddie Wong has amazing BTS videos on After Effects on his youtube channel. Check out another video in which he collaborated with sound design: search for "Frozen Crossing" on youtube. There's a BTS video also!

Nice idea, but can we see the final thing?

Very clever & nicely done!

the OHHH NOOO part is great

pretty sweet man