Free iPhone App To Control Your GoPro Hero2 Camera Now Available!

UPDATE: 24fps firmware update has been released too!
Ever since the Wifi BacPac was released, I've been waiting for this iPhone App to drop. This FREE App allows users of the HERO2 (the original HERO is not compatible, sadface) to preview their shot and control the camera's settings, all over WiFi. Eventually it will be able to upload and even stream clips to YouTube. This video was posted before, but it demos the features of this previously unreleased app. Read on for the list of compatible devices!

Here is a link to the Free iPhone App.
lists the app as compatible with the following:
iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S (iOS 4.3 & 5)
iPod Touch 4 (iOS 4.3 & 5)
iPad 1, 2 & 3 (iOS 4.3 & 5)

And they note that an App for the Android operating system is in the works.

Right after I posted this, I discovered that GoPro also released ProTune, a firmware update that adds multiple frame rates and the ability to record up to 35mbps! Read more and download the update here.

You can control up to 50 GoPros with this, but you need to have the WiFi BacPac for them too. You can control features for video recording, still photos, burst mode, and more. This begs the question about why pro-level cameras that cost way more can't do something like this just yet. What do you guys think?

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chris aldridge's picture

Does the free app include the 36 Go Pros? ;)

Chad Andreo-Photo's picture

This seems like a great idea, but how often is wifi available when shooting the types of things that the GoPro is usually used for?
Hopefully it will have a direct mode like the eye-fi cards. 

Corey Melton's picture


it has a "direct mode" were one of the bacpacs will be a hotspot for the other(s) (i only tested with a total of 2 gopros and bacpacs)

Jens Marklund's picture

Note: The ProTune also includes a "flat" setting, for post work