[Gear] Camera Bag Padding that Eliminates Velcro

[Gear] Camera Bag Padding that Eliminates Velcro

TrekPak on KickStarter is one of the lastest funding projects aimed at photographers. A innovated design that allows owners of large camera bags and pelican cases alike, easy adjustments of compartment space without having to fight with velcro inserts.

Being obsessed with organization myself (Lee has accused me of having an obsessive compulsive disorder more than once), this product really appeals to me. So If you're like me and get super jazzed about order and smart funcationality, you want to jump over to KickStarter and help fund the project. Check out their promo video and sample pics.

via [OhGizmo]
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Very cool concept although I can't say I've ever had a problem with velcro

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Same thing for me. However, I see how this might be useful for being quiet during weddings/events when you need to made a camera bag layout change.

Awesome, I hate Velcro in camera bags. I'll buy this for my bags.

Brilliant concept, great idea. Now how do they deal with replacing the pins you loose easily all over the place like any loose item ? a storage pouch would be great or a slot in one of the slabs. They have a concept, an idea, good looks and a nice video to show the product. I say... they have a good part of it going, now they should be going viral :D

Put them in a ziplock bag and put that in a compartment in your bag....

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genius, I second my hatred for velcro.

My main concern is that the holes for the pins to slide through will inevitably become stretched out... when that occurs does that cause the pins to fall out through normal use?

Eric, the materials combined with specific design elements will not allow the holes to stretch out. You can also check out our "all about the pins" update: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/trekpak/trekpak/posts/197345

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions! info@trekpak.com

-Georgia (Owner-TrekPak)

Perhaps a better way to handle this would be to stitch in kevlar (or metal) cylinders for the pins to slide through so that they won't be able to stretch?

i don't have any big issues with velcro.. Also, I don't want metal pegs in my bag. :/

Neat concept, but way too expensive for the problem it solves.  I recently bought a Kata $400 bag and now it will cost more to replace the padding?  I don't think so.  It should be sold as a kit for maybe $30-$50 with different lengths or a 4 foot roll with the pins and you can configure it to whatever bag you have and/or cut it as needed along a channel.  Why do so many different preconfigured kits?  If you could customize it yourself, it could be used to turn a suitcase into a camera bag or anything.

Also, a pad around the exterior of the bag isn't really necessary.  Most bags are already padded on the outside and the gear itself will keep the pads in position as they're anchored from the interior, kind of like an old fashioned ice cube tray.  Cut the costs, increase volume and license it to bag mfg's.

Unfortunately, due to the insert being fabric covered and the complex design of the materials, we cannot sell "self cut" kits. 

We definitely appreciate all your concerns. I assure you, every design aspect has been carefully thought out and tested.. then re-tested. 

Great idea but I think the connection "u" clips are flawed. Plastic coated springs clip similar to something like these would prevent them from falling out.

Yeah cool concept but those pins don't look secure and id probably lose them 

This will be good for War Photographers, especially when they're going out at night or with a covert mission. Velcro is the killer of soldiers... Hence why post military personnel will tape the velcro...

Indeed very cool. I also never had any problems with velcro but that doesn't mean this is not a better solution. probably would buy it if it's on the market depending on pricing.

This is awesome i would totally get this for my bags or my pelican case. Its ideas like this is why im going to school to major in ID

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there doesnt seem to be much padding between the gear, this new stuff looks too thin.

Gear protection is a factor not of foam thickness, but of shock absorbent qualities of all materials used in the insert. 

Gotta agree with many people hear a) I don't have an issue with Velcro and b) this is to expensive for the problem it is solving. I also don't see how the kit is secured to the bag?

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I would improve on this idea by using magnets .. and I
only want 10% of the revenue generated...

For people concerned with the pins falling out, please check out our "all about the pins" update through kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/trekpak/trekpak/posts/197345

I assure you, many months of thought, materials selection, prototyping, design refinement, and an amazing team of engineers has created a pin that will not fall out.