[Gear] Extend Video Recording Limit of Nikon D7000 and More!

[Gear] Extend Video Recording Limit of Nikon D7000 and More!

On the D3100, D5100, and D7000, Nikon placed a rather low video recording time limit for a single clip. Currently, it's somewhere in the area of ten or 20 minutes, depending on the model. However, Nikonhacker.com has come up with a crack that will extend this limit to a much more reasonable 25 to 30 minutes. Read after the jump for more info!

Of course, this is not an official Nikon release, so anything you is at your own risk. But it has been tested to work on all three models (the D3100, D5100, and D7000), so there shouldn't be too much to worry about. Simeon Pilgrim has a great bit with download links and directions here. Good luck! And tell us in the comments section how it goes for you!

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Lee Morris's picture

I would do this if it made the audio better or at least able to be monitored. The slight bump in recording time isn't enough to take the risk for me. 

David Lara's picture

This brings up a good question, was wondering on possible pros or cons versus shooting on one longer take or stop & record as much as possible. How does this effect workflow? I know this depends on what your shooting. I shoot more documentary/interview/bts work. 

Lee Morris's picture

If you have to sync audio you don't want multiple clips. When we filmed the Peter Hurley DVD we shot on the D300s which has a max of 5 minute record times. We ended up with thousands of 4 minute clips that all had to be synced to audio. It was a nightmare. 

David Lara's picture

Good point! Thanks Lee

Tam Nguyen's picture

I could be wrong, but camera's file systems mostly can only handle a maximum of 4 GB per file, which explains why you can only record for so long before it's too big for the firmware to handle. This could be a hack to make the firmware be able to handle files bigger than 4 GB.

Lee Morris's picture

No I believe it still has the 4gb restriction and that is why it says "25-30 minutes"

Adam Ottke's picture

Yes. I need to research which ones exactly, but of course a lot of the newer video DSLRs are now automatically splitting 4GB files but continue recording so you can later place them seamlessly together. What will change that limit in the future, I'm not sure...

Carbon 43's picture

Sounds like Nikon is using FAT16. Surprising given how antiquated it is.

Zarim Empires's picture

any hack that can use external storage devices? SSD hard drive maybe?

romain VERNEDE's picture

If I remember well, it's because of "fat system" of our cards
It can't handle +4Go files

Tam Nguyen's picture

FAT32 or exFAT, depending on your make and model.

theres actually a way to monitoring your audio, i think i saw something for that a nikonrumors a couple of weeks ago

Tam Nguyen's picture

"The EU defines a video camera as one that will take video clips of 30
minutes or more. If such a camera is not manufactured in Europe (I doubt
whether any still are) it is subject to a 12% import duty (and regular
vat on top of that).

To avoid this tax manufacturers built in a limit of 29 minutes and 59 seconds."

Chris Cooley's picture

Well, looks like on the D7000 I am only able to obtain about 24min of video instead of 20min. Not sure how much of an "upgrade" you would call that. Although still useful I suppose...

piposcience .'s picture

how and where can I download the firmware for D7000