Giuliano Bekor shoots BeBe campaign at World Cup

If you aren't familiar with fashion photography, Giuliano Bekor is one of the top photographers in the industry. Watch as Giuliano demonstrates the correct way to jump after a soccer ball while wearing ridiculous fashion clothing. We also featured another BeBe fashion shoot he did with crazy African animals that you should probably check out after watching this photoshoot. I figured this was an appropriate post for Monday since Spain just wrapped up the World Cup yesterday (and it seems I dropped the ball on my earlier post today).
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Tim COlston's picture

That looked like a lot of fun! The umbrella set up was a nice touch. I can't help but wonder though, if medium format the way to go. Maybe next year. Thanks for sharing.

Brian Scaglia's picture

Is it me...or does this shoot seem a little over the top with poor execution? I’m no pro but the pictures seem overblown with color. Even the idea of having “hot” girls play as if their soccer players seem a bit lame.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

i see these posters in nyc all the time. I figured they were photoshoped. nice to see some classy ladies playing some soccer.

Boon Ong's picture

I love the whole concept and the bright color they did for the end result.

Beautiful and interesting.

Zac's picture

Very interesting to see how the photographer interacts with the models. I can't imagine how much time and preparation went into that shoot.

Lyle's picture

Hey Brian, for me these images are stunning. The color you see as overblown is vibrant and tells so much of a story to me. As a pro, I know how hard it is to get that definition and clarity when shooting on location, and thats whats needed for a fashion shoot. You have women in a field, with the sun blaring down, and these shots show off the clothes amazingly well with no wash out or loss of detail.

Juan Carlos Ayala's picture

Very nice balance between the video and the end results. Almost intimidating to watch considering the prep done ahead of time but informative nonetheless.