GoPro Captures Crazy Encounter with Great White Shark in Sydney Harbor

In a rather raw video posted to Youtube earlier today, a man jumps off some rocks and into the water only to find his friends screaming, "Shark!" behind him. Captured from a GoPro he attached before jumping in, this video gives us get a pretty good POV glimpse of what that would feel like. What would you do in that situation?

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Alex's picture

There's no way that's real, right?

Vincent Morretino's picture

I don't doubt it's real. Australia is the land of sharks and enormous spiders.

Jayson Carey's picture

and snakes. don't forget snakes.

Jon's picture

That's so fake.

Dave Oliver's picture

Damn, someone else filmed a similar shark at Newport Beach.

Ernesto Quesada's picture

is nt similar is the same video just edited for the video in this post

Rick Denham's picture

fake fake fake-ity fake

Tony Maro's picture

Fake. As Dave Oliver points out, exact same "shark" footage used in another video. Also above water they are looking around with the camera constantly, but under water is a perfectly smooth well composed vid of a shark swimming past.

AngelaRGonzales's picture

There's no way that's real, right?

Dan E's picture

One thing I have never been able to tolerate is people try to lie through a video or photograph and try to tell me is real. I don't know why this makes me so angry. Lately, I also saw a video of bruce lee playing in a ping pong tournament, and a ball girl doing an incredible catch at a pro game. They looked amazingly real. So I post it on Facebook and end up looking like an idiot. I think this world has got in the habit about lying about whats really reality, "Kardashians"…. Sorry, this is a sore topic for me when I see this stuff. I realize some peoples intentions I guess are just for fun.

daniel mcgarrity's picture

whoa's meant to stir interest not anger..The video looks good, it's most likely fake, but you know what? When I ask my clients to dip in a photo...totally fake..they don't dip in reality.

Reality is what you make it and for many, what you accept it to be.
Tongue-in-cheek tom foolery like this is entirely good natured as is the ball nearly hitting the reporter and so forth

Adam Davies's picture

Why on earth is it uploaded at 480p it shoud be at least 720p coming
from a GoPro. There could be something fishy going on here! Still cool though.

Cod Mayer's picture

Amazing that people still believe this is a real video …

Miquiztli's picture

well at least is a good edit a lot of people fooled by this one, event that the shark teletransport at 00:59

Theisdk's picture

Clearly a fake have a look at the begining of it. Keep an eye on the bird flying over the water.

Also shark behavior is wrong and it jumps arround. The guy pointing is not pointing where the shark is in the water and it goes on and on.

Very clearly a fake :)