How To Film A Moving Car Interior Video With A Green Screen

Now this video may be over many of your heads (it is definitely over mine) because most of us are still photographers who may only dabble in video but this is still worth posting. In the video below Video Copilot shows us how they filmed a car chase scene in the studio with a green screen. I've never shot anything on a green screen before but after seeing how easy this is, I may have to give it a try.

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texting while driving..... LOLOL

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Well made!  Even if I had no interest in green screen... The video was great.

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I didn't think people really used driving gloves....until I stepped into the fastest cab in Chicago

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South Side? When is your Chicago original coming out?

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I'll start working on it after Peter Hurley is done....I almost forgot about it actually

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How 'bout a little teaser?

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They make the subject fun, human and accessible like a classic Scott Kelby approach. An unbeatable formula in a cluttered, tech-heavy market

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LOL love it!

Texting! Made my day...

Small note: Just because VCP makes it look easy, doesn't mean that it always is.  Be ready for a lot of 2d tracking and compositing to get your background and foreground to mesh.

Andrew Cramer!!!  love this guy

Awesome video post!

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Andrew Kramer is the man...


Funny as fuck.....informative too.

That video was great. I could really care less about shooting video on green screen but that guy kept it really entertaining! "Texting while driving!" LOLOLOL