How To Make A Sick Mountain Bike Edit

While browsing the web for editing tips, I ran across this video tutorial that had me intrigued based on the title "How To Make A Sick Mountain Bike Edit." I normally don't watch mountain bike videos, but this one had me from the beginning.

Even though I don't shoot mountain bike films, I was entertained from start to finish.  If you edit video you know how redundant editing similar types of videos can be. This is a spoof created by Matt Dennison a videographer for  It was filmed as a comedy on how to make sick edits for mountain biking. Essentially, these productions, like others follow a similar story line.  Clips of setting the scene, the characters, and dangerous stunts all play important roles in engaging the viewer. I appreciate the dry humor. In the end, if you are looking into creating or editing a biking video, I believe this tutorial nailed it.


Via (, Vimeo, Matt Dennison)


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Luc Szczepanski's picture

Haha, that was great!

Taylor Osborn's picture

ha ha! That was awesome. What's funny is it's totally on point because most of the full length movie's out all use those techniques such as the guys from Anthill productions.

Of course it's on point, it's meant to parody those specific videos.

Timothy Holt's picture

That was really funny.

Ian Sbalcio's picture

this is awesome.

That was great!

Mark Pearson's picture

That was... Sick

Noam Galai's picture

hahaha so good

Mike Pomazal's picture

That was AMAZING!!

Von Wong's picture


It's easy. Just slow mo everything...

"If you can't find any use 'Sail'." :D


Sean Capers's picture

too funny

I know this is meant to be funny, but it is so spot on (and
funny). This is the process I went through
trying to deconstruct “Life Cycles” a couple years ago. Love it!

Bob Bell's picture


i hate that!

fred lefeuvre's picture

Sick sick sick


Michael Osei's picture

It's hilarious but kudos to the people who did this first and invented all that shit. they've done a great job.