How to Promote Your Photography Business with Video Showreels

If you're trying to grow your business and connect with clients on a personal level, then learning how to promote yourself with video showreels is a great step in that direction (Lee is clearly ahead of most of us on this one - check out R.L. Morris Weddings to see what I mean). Today until January 26, Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew will be teaching a step-by-step guide to marketing our businesses with video. This is a great way to showcase your work whilst also marketing your personality. If you're a photographer who offers albums to your clients, this is also a good way to help promote album sales. They'll be covering idea and concept development, music selection, shot lists, and deciding the feel and message behind the film. Start watching it LIVE for FREE now. If you want to tune in later, you can pre-order this segment for just $99.

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'Starting watching it Live for free now' link is broken, needs a http:// in front of it.

Why would I trust their video skills when they cant even export in proper widescreen..

not a video pro by any stretch, but the link ON youtube certainly looks proper to me. Maybe its the fstoppers blog writers you shouldn't trust ?

Noticed that she was also holding her jig rig wrong in the promo, watched the class - turned off the class after Sue mentioned that her Sydney studio charges $1,800 for 5 minutes of final video work, then Hailey butts in with 'I spent an afternoon with a couple, which I charged them $4,500 grand'.  The class was more about selling the dream than teaching.

I didn't watch the video, but agree that there are far too many people who are in the business of teaching you how to be a great photographer/videographer who haven't actually earned the right to instruct people how to do so.  Again, I'm not specifically talking about the work in this post.  There are many, many vultures seeking to cash in on the starry-eyed new breed of photographers via buzzwords and fluff.

that's what i was think about that this "teaching" just become another way how to make money....