[Humor] Conan O'Brien Editors Rave About Adobe Premiere

You may recall that Rob Ashe and his fellow post gurus who work on the Conan O'Brien Show publicly bashed Final Cut X a while back. They've returned with a new video, proclaiming their love for Adobe Premiere, or as Rob refers to it, Final Cut Pro 8. Final Cut X has had several updates since it's initial release, but is it still lacking? Have you made the switch? Are you cutting home movies in 4K?

What gets lost in this video is the fact that they are showing off Premiere Pro CS6, which is noted for release on April 11, 2012. From the video, it looks like they have a added a FCX-like ability to scrub clips by hovering the mouse.

Check the comments for the opinion of someone who has been editing for about 10 years, and leave your own comments while you're at it.

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Mike Wilkinson's picture

As a recent switcher, I can agree with Rob's comment that Premiere is kind of like Final Cut Pro 8. It's not without it's quirks, but it's pretty solid.

Richard vd Boogaard's picture

Seems like CS6 is definitely looking like what FCP should have been...

I am so pumped for CS6, the only downside is I might have to build a new desktop to really take advantage of the speed

Patrick Hall's picture

Premiere all the way! Glad to see professionals speaking out....now back to the PC!

Ugo Dufour's picture

I work in a small computer compagny and we do hi end desktop for gaming, pro 3D and editing. And more and more people are going PC for pro editing because of Mercury Engine. And also the fact that Apple desktop are stupidly priced.

Hilarious!  I just picked up the CS5 production suite at 50% off (the recent Adobe sale), and knew they were going to release something soon.  Can't wait to drop another 500 bucks for the upgrade!  =)