Inspiring Video on Fighting for Your Passion

Devin Graham creates Youtube videos for a living. Not just any Youtube videos, but breathtaking videos that not only leave you in awe-inspiring wonder, but are obviously made with tediously hard work, amazing creativity and most importantly... passion. Devin takes you behind the scenes in this motivating video about exactly what he does for a living.  


devin_smallPhoto by: Scott Jarvie

Known for projects like his awesome live-action promo version of Far Cry 3 and the now famous 'Boyfriend Pushes Girlfriend Off of a Cliff' video. Devin is eccentric and so very plainly full of life. It's refreshing to see a professional who truly loves his work, but shows just how hard and how far he is willing to go to make his profession spectacular. We tip our hat to you, Devin.

You can find Devin on his Youtube Channel, his Facebook page or Twitter.

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Ruben Hamelink's picture

i would like this guy so much more if he wasnt so full of himself

Jayson Carey's picture

what makes you think he's full of himself?

Brendan Cherry's picture

Um what? Never has it crossed my mind that he was full of himself

Chris's picture

Your comment SMACKS of jealousy.

It's a real shame.

I agree. He sounds like a total butt. Next to actually sounding like a sorority girl, he makes it sound like no-one else does this (tries hard and does "extreme" *cough bullshit cough* stuff). I once pooped my pants once while doing a climbing shoot and have hiked in my fair share of kit to try to "get the shot". Now, it makes a funny story when sitting around with friend and laughing it up... but making an entire video about how hard you work makes you sound like a butface. That being said, he has some nice videos. OMG LOL you used a map!

Rebecca Britt's picture

I'd like to see your youtube videos. Enlighten us, please?

Whoaaaa no where did i say that I was better at making videos... I don't even make videos. In fact, I even COMPLIMENTED HIM on his fantastic work. It was a comment on character, in response to the comment above. He just sounds like a total narcissist.

woofa's picture

You know absolutely nothing of his character, you assume.

Brian Bray's picture

I would like you so much more if you didn't make hurtful comments like this.

Chris Helton's picture

it's called BTS. Thats the whole idea to these kinds of video's. Behind the scenes material to show what he's doing. Sharing what he did to get the shots, showing him almost falling in the water. According to you and Jonathan Nock down there, anyone who wants to share their experience is full of themselves? So maybe both of you should go hate on Chase Jarvis too?

Oh come now, thats just way off. I think I speak for both of us when I say that our sentiments are unrelated to the fact that this is a BTS... It's about the presentation. Thats all. Ya, i was a dick about it. That was rude... but that doesn't change that in my opinion he sounds like a butt. With that being said, I thought this guy seemed awesome:
So maybe there is some perspective there.

Timothy Jace's picture

Thumbs up!

George Saguna's picture

I just look forward to his videos and to what he will be up to next. i dont really think that he is full of himself, I can imagine all the comments he gets from people who would wish to be in his situation but are not ready to go through the hardships that he endevers daily to produce such work.

Jason Kessenich's picture

This is amazing stuff!

Kyle Whitney's picture

Very cool.

Miguel Romero Fotógrafo's picture

Really inspiring!

Henry Fan's picture

He must smell great

Anthony Saleh's picture

What type of camera stabilizer is that?

Avi Siegal's picture

Glidecam HD 4000

Christopher Free's picture

Flycam Nano

James Hull's picture

He does not use a flycam nano; he uses Glidecam all the way.

Ken Yee's picture

Nice job w/ the Glidecam too.

Tim Woodard's picture

I seriously can't believe it has taken FStoppers this long to do a piece on Devin. He is very good at what he does and he is even better at networking and finding people with unique talents and using them as a resource to produce his videos. We could all learn from a much more in depth interview and post about Devin.

As for the comments "hating" on Devin, you guys are idiots. This kid is just doing something he likes and you make fun of him cause of his voice? Seriously? People have been hating on this kid for some time and I don't understand why. He does what he loves, how is that different than the majority of the photographers who visit this site? He's not a trust fund baby he makes a living at producing videos and he has produced a product that is far superior than his competitors. Whats wrong with success? I say good for him and for you "haters," I feel sorry for you that your life sucks so bad you have to bash on someone you have never even met.

Fine that was a bit low. I apologize for that. I'l say it once and I will say it again. Great videos... I just don't need YOU to tell me how awesome you are.

Derek Sexton Horani's picture

How does this guy not fall off cliffs or into the water? Respect!

Minnie Moo's picture

Nice work, it is obvious this guy has talent and is doing something he really loves. That said, he is pushing the 'I try really hard' stuff a bit too much, it's not a bad thing, I mean he could have easily said - "I've just got the skill people, you're born with it or..." but he actually says he's put in loads of time and effort and explains his process for anyone wishing to try something similar. I have to admit - big LOL's on the "I used a map! An actual Map!" - man, I must be growing old...

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

Very inspirational and good to see he works hard, but a lot of people work hard everyday. I'm not sure if this is a generational thing, but the assumption that most people slack off does seem a tad egocentric.

Chris Helton's picture

I don't think he was saying other slack off. But more showing other people who think this job is so simple and glamorous what its like behind the scenes. Would be like me saying, you're a consultant? thats soo easy, you just tell others what to do all day? not as easy as it sounds.

Tim Gordon's picture

Amazing stuff and he seems like a great guy. Do you guys have any idea what kind of waterproof housing (if any) he uses for his camera?

Tyler Smith's picture

He's just a hardworking guy who's gotten it done. I have some mutual friends out here in Utah and have met him on a few occassions; he's a nice guy. Incredibly talented with a great work ethic to make things happen. You can't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes. Take it from someone who's met him personally.

(He also has some crazy friends who have no fear which definitely helps getting some good material to work with.)

Peter Douglas Anger's picture

crazy | yzarc get it!