J.G. Pasterjak Teaches Us How To Make A Slider

If you like building stuff then you may want to view the video below. If you are like me, and you would rather just buy something that works perfectly out of the box, then I would highly suggest buying the IndiSlider. Its only $99 and it works great!

DIY Inexpensive Camera Slider from J.G. Pasterjak on Vimeo.

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Sebastian Kubatz's picture

Looks like a nice idea.
I have a igus slider (aka zaza slider) and I'm good with it. ;)


Jo's picture

So... what, he's 4 feet tall?

John Mathieu's picture

"Unless you're playing 'Johnny ram-ass'"...hilarious!

A great piece of gear; good job, J.G.!

Zack W.'s picture

"Hopefully you don't use the information in this video to come and kill me. Thanks!" - greatest sign off *ever*.

this is really awesome though, I'm definitely going to make one.

Per Aalto's picture

Funniest "How-to" ever! Really helpful too. I have just about everything to build one of those. So... Off to the workshop then!

Thanks for sharing!

Laurian's picture

Awesome video, funny, entertaining, and very useful!

I am very likely to build one of these myself. Now, if i could just figure out a DIY method for a Vertical Version as well, i'd be all set.

I hope to see more of this guy :)

Donnie Bell Design's picture

I thought it would be a lot harder than that. I'll see if I can get the boss man to give us supplies to pull this off.

george socka's picture

I love this guy. And I don't even have parrots coming out of my.... But I do have two of those saw horses I baught to hold up a boat mast. Not strong enough for that but this would work. And my son has 2 skateboards he no longer uses.

Serge's picture

Hes funny

William's picture

This is one of the best, most useful video tutorials I've seen. I've been scouring the net for using DIY stuff and most are woefully incomplete, but this is excellent.

Now, if you would just go back and do another one were you explain how to make an awesome shoulder rig... :)