The Lexus IS Makes Music

Last time we ran a behind the scenes video on music we got a great response. So today I thought I'd share a video emailed to us in the same vein. In the commercial world, the biggest challenge is finding something unique that no one has seen before or at least something that will stick into the viewers mind. So when Kevin Fitzgerald was approached by Lexus to film the new ad for the Lexus IS, he went all crazy with dozens of drum kits and percussion instruments. I love these sort of behind the scenes videos that mix music and video to produce something that stands out. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did.

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This is so badass. I want to work on a project like this.

Being a drummer myself when I saw this on TV I loved it. My second thought was "please let the Fstoppers find a BTS for this." This is just beautiful.

i remember seeing this on tv and thinking it was a cool commercial, but also thinking that the drum track was just dubbed in from a normal drum recording, then edited to make it look like the car was actually making the beat. i had no idea they really timed it out so the car would actually make the beat

Cool...was glad to see you chose to put this on here after I emailed you! Thanks!

This reminds me of the BMW Expressions of Joy commercial