A Look At Visual FX On Set Of The Great Gatsby

Chris Godfrey, VFX Supervisor on the film The Great Gatsby, recently released a 4 minute clip of before and after shots from the movie.

The sweeps reveal the sheer amount of post production that goes into a Hollywood movie like this. As a viewer, we know the movie magic is happening and that the heavy amount of FX are standard in blockbusters that hit the silver screens. It is interesting seing how some of the wide shots were prepped for the settings to be dropped in, there also seems to be some of the tricky camera moves that happened with moving vehicles.

There is no secret that the FX's are happening, seeing it unfold give us the magnatude of how much work goes into it. Even if it is shot on nothing but a green screened room. In all, 7 different teams worked on the massive amount of green screens including Animal Logic, Rising Sun and Iloura in Australia, ILM in San Francisco and Prime Focus and Method in Vancouver.

Via - Shockblast

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Brandon Bandy's picture

The visuals in that film are absolutely gorgeous.

John White's picture

Makes photoshop compositing seem like nothing..

Simon Whitehead's picture

Absolutely incredible. What gets me is the amount of prep, thought and planning that goes into a single shot to make it work as a composite after the fact. Mind blowing.

Greg Brave's picture

The effects are magnificent, no doubt about that, but it kind of bums me out that most of the movie wasn't "real"

john pritchett's picture

I'm a fan of documentaries and love the natural lighting of that genre but the look achieved through special effects here is amazing! It's definitely beyond the scope of my imagination.

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waterengineer's picture

It's not a movie, its freakin' cartoon.

Juraj Benak's picture

Great movie but it was driving me crazy during the most of the movie that you could see well too much that it's been shot in front of the green screen. Some of the scenery could be much, much better.

Spy Black's picture

Too bad all the people in those FX houses are eating plain rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...

Bogdane!'s picture