This Macro Timelapse Showing a Seed Sprouting to Flower is a Must-See

Sometimes you see videos that just enthrall you in their simple yet beautiful elegance. This timelapse by Daniel Csobot is one such experience. He uses a Canon EF 100mm Macro on a Canon 7D with a Kessler CineSlider to capture the growth of a flower from seed to sprout to full growth.

For more from Daniel, make sure you check out his Vimeo Channel.

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ikeithb's picture

Thanks for sharing.

Joe W Di Domenico's picture

It's great, but the headline was misleading. I was expecting to see a "Timelapse Showing a Seed Sprouting to Flower." Instead I saw a seed sprouting, and then a whole bunch of other plants sprouting to flower.

Spy Black's picture

Not exactly "Seed Sprouting to Flower"...

Alex Forey's picture

Although it's great, this is nothing new. The BBC have been doing this in their documentaries for over 10 years.

Sinewave's picture

I cannot quite understand why the comments are so negative. The subject matter is perfect, photography is superb, assembly and presentation is most entertaining. Thank you Daniel for inspiration to try something like this myself.