Monument Valley Timelapse With Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is an amazing British DP, Director, and Film Maker who also works hard to bring us some neat gadget to use out in the field when filming DSLR video. When I saw this timelapse video of Monument Valley out in Utah, I knew this BTS video/audio would appeal to our landscape photographers who are often stuck watching fashion and commercial videos. So in an effort to change it up a bit, go ahead and load both the audio and video tracks (hit play and then pause) and start with the audio track. Philip also outlines a lot of the gear used in this timelapse over at his blog so check that out too. Enjoy

Monument Valley commentary by PhilipBloom

Monument Valley from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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Beautiful video!

Patrick Hall's picture

Just a note on this particular video, the play and pause ques are not as good as some of his other videos so sometimes you have to pause to let him catch up or vice versa. Our readers can handle it though I think :)

what I really liked about this video/narration combo is that he got around the fact that the he didn't have a true BTS video by walking us through his process. Even though landscapes aren't my primary interest, it was great to hear what he was doing and how he shot with such specificity.

Bravo Bravo Bravo!

That was AWESOME, thank you!

Please do more of these, love hearing his process.

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I've followed every video since you guys went online. I have to say, when I first saw this posted, I'm not so sure how much I was looking forward to it. In the end, I really appreciated this format. Incredibly informative (with a rather 'personal' feel to it). Way to mix media and then mix media... :-) (stills and videos and then the audio and video+audio for those of us who are a bit slower....)
Awesome shots in the end! I want to go tomorrow!

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Glad you guys enjoyed this. I was thinking this audio format might be a nice addition to our own videos. I know a lot of people have questions about how we filmed and edited our videos. Might have to try this

WOW! The BEST timelapse vid i've seen to date...amazing!

Thank you so much for this video - of one of the most impressive and beautiful places I have ever been: Monument Valley - I was there in 1995 on my first and till now only (but not last!) visit in USA.

Thanks for the kind comments. P