Motorola Zoom Commercial BTS With Amazing Moving Sets

Telstra, an Australian wireless carrier, recently produced an ad for the Motorola Zoom tablet. Instead of creating everything with computers in post, the team created most of the moving sets by hand. The question then becomes; was their effort worth it? Can consumers even tell that much of this is real or does the average person consider everything to be fake these days?

Although this was an amazing accomplishment, I'm not sure it was worth the extra effort.

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All this and they still have not sold enough to control 3 percent of the tablet market... #Fail.

Ha, if you look at the last scene where they're talking from "a million miles away" the bottom right of the scene (which I presume is supposed to be the box showing the woman who is video chatting) definitely doesn't look like she's outside in the scene that the tablet is in!

It was pretty impressive when I saw it on TV... btw did anyone see the advertising within the advert? Big Buck Bunny Film for Blender 3D :p

It's a very short add, if you look at Nokia's add biggest and smallest, it's way more original. This is a deja vu with Old Spice so nothing really original here..

In my opinion, it wasn't worth the effort. Credits for all of the prop making and the manual labor that went into it. But it doesn't quite cut it for me.

I think it lacks the final punch that the BTS kinda built me up for. I think it wasn't really worth it though it was a great initiative, so credit to them for that.

This is Motorola Xoom not Zoom