Nikon D800 Video Bitrate Comparisons with NikonHacker Firmware

To date, Nikon users haven't enjoyed the benefits of Magic Lantern hacks appreciated by many Canon shooters. However, this is slowly changing as NikonHacker has added firmware hacks for a variety of Nikon DSLRs. Using recent NikonHacker updates, Lars Steenhoff has shared his own 54Mbps sample, albeit without comparisons for the moment. NikonHacker user, LPowell, however, has shared a series bitrate comparison videos with the Nikon D800.

While privacy settings have not made these available to embed, the videos can be viewed through the links below.

For additional information and a great, simple explanation of video bitrates, see LPowell's discussion on the NikonHackers forum.

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Spy Black's picture

I think Nikon users who want to see more hacks need to send healthy donations to Nikon Hacker. Although I'm curious, who funds Magic Lantern?

Adam Ottke's picture

As far as I know, it's a pro-bono operation done in spare time that runs of off whatever donations it may get....

Spy Black's picture

In all honesty, I can't see much of a difference between those files.

Tron's picture

Really? I think the difference is significant enough. It's much more significant when it comes to intense color grading though. I want as much information and as little compression as possible from my h264 footage.

Lars Steenhoff's picture

Here's a comparison at 3200 iso

You can see there is less compression in the noise, more detail is preserved