Pathé News Just Released 85,000 Newsreels And They're Amazing

Pathé News (AKA "British Pathé") was one of the biggest news agencies in the world in the 20th century. Maybe the biggest of all. The company was founded in 1896 and mainly focused on producing newsreels for movie theaters (before the TV took over). They stopped producing newsreels and documentries in the early 1970s as they couldn't compete with news broadcasts on TV. This week they uploaded the full collection of their films (85,000 of them) to Youtube, including un-aired materials.

If you like history, or seeing how life was like 50-100 years ago, you'll find it hard to stop watching those videos. So many historic moments, so many interesting subjects. You can see everything from the news about the Hindenburg, reports on The Beatles when they just took over the world, or the news about the first person to step on the moon. Total of over 3,500 hours of footage from that era is now free for all on Youtube.

After spending hours watching random videos on their page, I decided to bring you some of Pathé's best newsreels and stories related to photography. Just sit back and enjoy seeing how much we advanced since then.

London Holds Photo Fair - 1955

Time Lapse Photography - 1965

Underwater Photography - 1952

3D Photography of a painting - 1962

Aerial Photography - 1952

High Speed Photography - 1965

Microscopic Photography - 1920s

International Photography Exhibition - 1954

Aerial Photography Aids Map Makers in Hungary - 1965

Delia The Portrait Photographer - 1955

The First Hundred Years of Photography - 1939

Aerial Stills - 1961

Photography Camp - 1961

Surveillance Photography

Cinema Progress From 1895 to date - 1932

Fastest Camera - 1948

Camera Club - 1950

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Noam Galai's picture

With all the advancement in technology and quality of life, I still wish news today sounded like that. So much cooler