Patrick Boivin Creates "AT-AT Day Afternoon"

I have been on Vimeo for probably an hour going through one terrible BTS video after another. There is so much talent out there but so many of these videos have no details and are so boring. That all changed when I ran across Patrick Boivin's "AT-AT Day Afternoon." The BTS video has no talking but it is still totally informative.

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Lee Morris's picture

This is the coolest video I have seen in a very long time... It is amazing what people can do for absolutely no money at all. It is all about passion.

simple awesome! loved it!

So cool.

Made in Quebec ! Yeah !

This is stunning!!!!

Thx for sharing as always!!!

This was adorable. Very informative and sweet. The music was perfect too.

This is fantastic!!

this is reaallly cool. such a nice video . you can feel the guys passion about this.

That was awesome, and hugely time consuming I am sure, props to Patrick!

very cool

That was SO cool!!!!

I have been following Patrick on Youtube for a while now, when I saw this BTS, I was blown away at his skills!

The video clip is awesome .. But I wonder how much work this these guys put into it .. got to appreciate it

Great composting work, such a simple idea, so well execute. I am impressed. ///

Nour El Refai's picture

This is amazing, I am totally impressed by how he executed this idea.
Thanks for sharing

brilliant execution!

Really good work, loved the poo bit... lol

Very Cool!