Poland During The Winter Looks Spectacular!

Photographer and videographer Patryk Kizny from Poland has been making a lot of noise around the web with his HDR TimeLapse slider videos. I've had a chance to talk to Patryk about his setup and the electronic slider he is using made by DitoGear is quite impressive. In this video he has removed all the elements of timelapse and instead he has focused simply on smooth sliding motions in every direction possible. What I found must impressive besides the smoothness of the slider itself is the amazing image quality he is getting out of the relatively new and inexpensive Samyang 14mm 2.8 ultra wide angle lens on his 5D Mark II. I know the Nikon version is expensive but I never thought the quality would be this close on full frame video. If you enjoy Patryk's works, stay tuned because he has a new BTS video on one of his most popular videos coming out soon.

Winter. A short non-timelapse film. from Patryk Kizny on Vimeo.

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I mean it's beautiful, but I think the strafing setups are getting too popular and it's losing that "awe" effect. :(

I own this lens for my canon 450D, and I must really say its an awesome lens, very sharp indeed! :D
though its a manual lens, after for sometime usage, you will practically get used to it.

I'm from Poland and I'm proud of this video :) You're right: sometimes winter in Poland looks spectacular. When it looks so good? When "fresh" snow lies on the ground. Poland is a beautiful country, and we have many good photo/videographers, so I think that more videos will appear here.

Even though the technique is getting the balls kicked out of it, he has managed to get some great imagery of the landscape.