Polar Bears Have Developed A Taste For Photography

Last time I was writing about polar bears, some poor photographers at a public zoo had dropped some Canon gear into a tank. Word must have gotten around that lenses and camera bodies are a tasty treat, as this video shows wildlife shooter Gordon Buchanan from the BBC getting tossed about inside of his plexiglass enclosure by a large female polar bear!

Buchanan was fine, as was his camera equipment, after spending 45 minutes face to face with the polar bear.DailyMail has a full write up with a bunch of screencaps from the video, as well as some other still images of the encounter. [Via LaughingSquid]

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Christopher Sztybel's picture

360p? I could bearly see what was happening. Wacca wacca!

Henry Heerschap's picture

Like the older Far Side cartoon: "Crunchy on the outside with a chewy center!". 

Deleted Account's picture

...the rest is rated R ;)

Joshua Patterson's picture

Dude, wanted to see the rest of that. Was just starting to get good. ;)

Mael Radec's picture

The whole series is really good. It just aired a couple of days ago on the BBC and is called 'The Polar Bear Family & Me'. It's all on the bbc iplayer website.