Quickly Changing Perspectives Make This Dance Film Fascinating

Capturing dance in a way that shows fidelity to the energy and intricacy of the art form is difficult, but "WHAT I’M DANCING ABOUT: Ian Eastwood" is a dynamic look at the work and philosophies of Choreographer Ian Eastwood that certainly succeeds in that endeavor with its unique filming style. 

Dancers and choreographers are known for being very picky about allowing themselves to be filmed, often lamenting that the medium detracts from the vividness of a live performance. Martha Graham didn't allow her work to be filmed until she was 64, though the result is chock full of beautiful nuggets of wisdom from a true artist. I'd agree that dance is an especially difficult subject to capture in a manner that remains faithful to the energy, geometric intricacy, and expression it exudes.

Commissioned by Ray-Ban, Director Tim Nackashi and Cinematographer Alexander Nikishin capture Ian Eastwood's choreography in a striking way. By placing two cameras 180 degrees opposite each other and cutting between the two perspectives very quickly, the almost stroboscopic background stands in stark contrast to Eastwood's fluid movement, matching his energy and style. The effect is certainly arresting, but I found it a rather effective way to highlight a talented choreographer's work. 

Note: This video features rapid flashes that may bother photosensitive viewers. Please be aware of this when watching it.

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Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

That was a new one! i was stunned about the edit! wow!

Adam T's picture

Good old fashion Head dance editing


Doc Pixel's picture

Thank You for a very enjoyable post/link to another incredibly inspiring creative art form. Dare I say a ton of material both inspiring and visually for anyone working in the other creative arts, but especially photography. Did anyone else picture the moment-in-time "snaps" we would all like to capture here?

One small note: does this video not qualify for one of those warning statements about STROBES and certain people that are negatively affected by them? I think it should.

Alex Cooke's picture

My pleasure! But nah, this doesn't match that situation; I checked just to be sure.

Lee Morris's picture

So cool

Tom Lew's picture

Always felt meh about Ian Eastwood's choreo but this is killer.

Joakim Drake's picture

If I wasn't epileptic before, I probably am now. Holy smokes, have I gotten old?

Mike Kelley's picture

I had to turn this off about 1/3rd of the way through. Unwatchable.

Alex Cooke's picture

Alright, it seems like it's bothering enough people; I'll put a warning in.

Filthy 13's picture

Interesting effect. But couldn't help but feel that the effect was helping to mask some very mediocre dancing (in this particular case). Couldn't make it through the whole thing. Have you been on YouTube lately? Some AMAZING dancers that don't need camera tricks to distract. Les Twins, Fik-shun, Jade Chynoweth, etc. The effect itself was kind of cool though. Just overused.