Rewind Youtube Style! Youtube's Tribute to 2012

Youtube put together a tribute video where the biggest viral sensations of 2012 were invited to star in a mash-up of culturally defining moments from the year, directed by Peter Furia. Can you spot all the references? We've also got the BTS, so check that out once you've had a good laugh.

Tell us what cameos you enjoyed in the comments below!

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Good idea but...Gangnam style, reason to hate this. I'm so sick of it already!

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

Pretty poor year ;)
Something is cool for a month but industry is stretching it for a whole year...

Jens Marklund's picture


Not impressed. You have to know what each of the scenes refer to else it's just a bunch of people doing Gagnam style/call me maybe - and there's plenty of those done better.