Right Place, Right Time: Capturing A Gorgeous Murmuration In The South Of France

About a year ago I posted a short and sweet little film about the phenomenon known as a murmuration, which is when an enormous flock of starlings gather together in one location and create a breathtaking visual feast. Filmmaker Neels Castillon was out preparing to shoot recently in Marseille, France, when a murmuration took place right above his head and he was able to capture the entire thing in beautiful high definition.

I know that we've been spending a lot of time bickering about photoshop recently here on Fstoppers, but sometimes if we just sit back and let nature do the work, the results are just as stunning as when we spend twenty hours putting together one perfect image. And this, my friends, is one of those great reminders that being in the right place at the right time (with a camera of some sort, of course) is all that it takes to make something beautiful.

Be sure to check out my original post to see more pictures and the video that started it all.

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