Scott Serfas Shares Advice For Breaking Into The Action Sports Photo Industry

"You need to pack up your stuff, move to the mountains, and LIVE IT." Scott Serfas says this bluntly when asked how someone else can get a job like his. In this new behind the scenes video from the Life In Focus series, Scott talks about how he worked himself into a position as a top action sports shooter, while we get to see him work in a more urban setting for a snowboarding action shot.

You might remember Scott from a project he worked on a few years ago where he had a a bizarre concept that involved shooting a snowboarder, but partly underwater. Sound a little weird? Have a look at this video from that shoot, an oldie but a goodie. For someone who claims to have not ever taken a photography course, he's killing it.

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is the correct link for the video above.

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1:57 to 2:01 - the orientation of the video is mirror-flipped left to right.

Nice videos. Anyone else interested in action photography should also look up Tim Peare(snowboard photographer) Oli Gagnon(snow) and Atiba Jefferson (skatephotographer). TWSnow also has a weekly Wallpaper Wednesday post with some incredible photos. Their selections often play with composition and foreground elements in very interesting ways that break the traditional conventions of snowboard photography.

Also look up Lorenz Holder, one of the best snowboarding photographers.

Dead fish at 2min mark (or could just be stunned)