Sequence 9 Shows The Beauty All Around Us

London photog, Dave Kai-Piper, is one of my favorite people in the fashion photography industry. He is talented, driven, kind and a blast to work with. I got to meet Dave and his close friend/assistant/videographer, Paul McKelvie in England last year while shooting video for a web series and the 3 of us have been good friends since. Their video "Sequence 9" is Dave and Paul's effort to show the beauty in all forms in the world around us by bringing together timelapse photography and what I can only describe as "BTS-Fine-Art-Fashion" videography. Be sure to check out Dave and Paul and enjoy the video!

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To be honest I think this ephemeral fashion photography is vey limited. From a film point of view, I can't see a decernable narrative. I'd like to think it was a side-swipe at post modern, egocentric content, but actually think it parodies itself. I can't see that this is actually any better than the output of thousands of undergaduates. I think you sum up why you've posted it - he's your mate, and that's a poor reason. Let's hope thaPlacebo gave their permission to use the music!

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Not sure what the reason was for posting this video.  It is not BTS, not about a photo technique or technical information or about the photo industry.

It seems to be pure marketing for someone else.

Thumbs down.

Marketing, pure marketing, but beyond facebook, who is going to be
interested. Having watched it again, it seems more muddled than the first time I
saw it. Is it supposed to be fashion? Landscapes? Amateur time lapse? No clear
product, or market, and from a personal point of view, I'm always deeply
suspicious of over processed images. An over-reliance on technology is poor
technique. This is a case of 'More is less'.