Silverback Gorilla Plays With GoPro Video Camera

This video is totally relevant this week after Ken's post "If A Monkey Takes A Photo, Who Owns The Rights". It's really interested to see this Silverback play with this video camera from 2 angles. The most shocking part of the whole thing was that he actually throws it back after he's done!

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Proof positive that everyone who has a camera can be an excellent photographer.

Excellent video.. but I like more gorilla reaction, Gorilla understood what camera man said. "pass box"

obvious ad is obvious

I shot a feature for 'Ripleys Believe It Or Not' a while back. It was on a story of an old female Silverback who was given cataract surgery to cure her blindness... first of it's kind in Europe. The story showed her reaction to seeing her babies for the first time.
At the end I placed my hand on the window to her enclosure, and she came over and mirrored her hand against mine... kind of like a 'Gorillas in the Mist' moment. Beautiful majestic creatures!

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damn, I used to live Ripleys believe it or not