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GoPro Licensing Allows Agencies to License Premium Content on Its Own Platform

Monday, GoPro unveiled a new licensing service that allows professionals to license content to agencies and brands. GoPro calls the service "a premium content licensing portal for global advertising brands and agencies to license premiere video and images” that “offers high production value content.”

GoPro Licensing requires an account to both upload content (which goes through an approval process similar to that of most high-end stock agencies) and to browse content. The inherent exclusivity and application process speaks more to GoPro’s vision of the platform as a professional’s resource as opposed to a licensing platform for the masses.
At $1,000 per video for a six-month license, pricing also reflects this, but stays relatively reasonable at something that would be easy for larger corporations to consider. Smaller business, while perhaps more limited, could also benefit from GoPro Licensing at these prices if it were to fit their goals.
Features of GoPro Licensing include Lightbox (the ability to share a video preview with creative team members), Downloads (which support low- and high-resolution downloads as well as batch downloads), and Watermarking (which ensures the security of pre-licensed content).
Tracking and reporting features also accompany the service alongside search tools based on rich metadata.
Stepping into video curation and licensing brings GoPro into the content creation space for the first time since the company began with its hardware-heavy action camera production with the original GoPro camera. Becoming less reliant on its hardware business and stepping into licensing will net GoPro some extra cash from its users' efforts while diversifying their business. Meanwhile, users gain access to a potentially popular and extremely professional platform that caters to a high-end clientele.
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