Skate Video "Altered Route" Leaves Me Speechless

Skater Kilian Martin sets new standards in the world of skateboarding. Mb! joined forces with Killian and filmmaker Brett Novak to create his newest video "Kilian Martin: Altered Route". Aside from the fact that Killian does things with a skateboard that I have never seen anyone else do ... ever, Brett captures each trick and angle perfectly. I especially love the way Brett juxtaposed the nostalgic clips from the water park back in it's heyday to it's current ghost-townly state. Enjoy!

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Very awesome! Love the sound track too. 

wow, that was sick


Wow, he does things w/ that skateboard like Brazil does with a soccer ball. Holy moley!

Wow, this is a seriously good video. A lot of consideration must have been put into the story, let alone the skate tricks and camera work.

supercool - skater - setting - camera    everything

He's the new Rodney Mullen.....

I was about to make a similar comment... It was too long since somebody get on the skateboard some free-styling like Rodney did!

Even by skateboarding video standards (meaning most I find are amazing and creative) this one is exemplary.  I love how they cut in old footage of how the park looked in its heyday.  Angles, use of Phantom cam, trick difficulty and great blend of old school and new, original tricks make this a favorite of mine.  Thanks for the post.

being a skateboarder for over about 15 years the tricks in this are nothing new - they're as old as skateboarding is! but the video is very cool :)

ive seen lots of freestyle (I've been a skateboarder the same length of time) but this kid wigs out! ollying onto another board and catching it with the nose just to bail on the back board to land on the front and then go down a slide?! Never seen that. Also, the "darkslide" stuff he does on stuff is really bonkers, ending with finger flips and all. This kid is nuts 

I have to agree with Corey (and Nathan). I love how Kilian has kept the old school freestyle tricks and updates them. He is no Rodney Mullen, but i will definitely watch his career. I loved how he didn't slide in primo, but rode in primo!! i love me some primo!!


That was fantastic.

The video is a nice one and it's great that someone is taking on different levels of skateboading. But, I must say that a number of the tricks that have been done bring the great Rodney Mullen to mind.

Great video and great skating style on Kilian's part.  Definitely some Rodney Mullen elements in there.

Fan flipp'n tastik! Great video! Not only the filming and editing but the skating as well. Where is this location at?


Awesome overall !

The slow-mo action at 1:15 is SICK .. I would have liked to see more of that ...
Location is California, next to Vegas if I googled correctly :)

If this had just contained the skater it would have been one of the best boarding videos I've seen.. Add the fades from the past to present in there and this really took off..  Exemplary work by all involved !!

Heyy, its rock-a-hoola ha. I went there once when I was a kid.

The filming is excellent in the whole series, but I think the skating is the most creative in this one...

I also just stumbled across this, and just needed to share it somewhere...   exceptional production value, and mind blowing riding....

Michael Jackson moment 3:09 -  3:12

GOD!... Amazing Video...
Love the music of Patrick Watson that gets a perfect visual story telling with this video!
Killian does more than skate boarding... it's almost dancing with the Board.
As Corey said... speechless...

Speechless is right. Never thought you could dance with a skateboard. Great work all around.