This Slit Scanned Video Will Blow Your Mind

I'm sure most of you happened to see images created with the Slit Scan technique, but probably never got to see it being used in videos. Until now. Sit down and get ready to have your brain explode. This awesome video experiment was made by French filmmakers Adrien M / Claire B who filmed it with a Canon 7D at 60fps. Beautiful work.

Via Colossal

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So cool. Thanks for sharing Noam. 


Stupid. Waste of time.

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Not sure if I've ever wanted to see a BTS breakdown more, this is amazing!

And side note: every time the Enterprise went into warp in an episode of Star Trek, that was slit scan video

that is not 100% correct.

the next generation series used it. but not the original series..

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Didn't you guys post this video of slit scan before?

This technique will soon become the most over used process replacing HDR.  Brought to you as an action
and plugin for Photoshop and  After Effects.

very cool, but there's one slit scan pioneer video here in brasil 1989

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That's cool! Are there any good tutorials on how to do it? 

Love this site.
PS: Your hed ought to read "Scanned" rather than "Scaned."

One person walks into the right hand side of the view between time 2:41 to 2:45, but his image doesn't get distorted.